wpc tile hollow outdoor deck

Wood flooring moisture

First, keep the material properly

Floor products in the pavement before, should be flat at room temperature for two days, then paving work. In order to better prevent the floor from damp, these flooring materials should be kept in a well-ventilated place, protected against drying, and protected with a plastic film. If there is damp wood flooring products, then these should not continue to use. Can not save money, but the damp floor dried, and then continue to use. This can lead to moldy floors or reduce their life span.

Second, the material should be prepared for moisture-proof treatment

After purchasing a good wooden flooring products, but also before laying a moisture-proof treatment. Can be coated with moisture-proof protective paint on the back of the floor, which is to prevent paving the ground moist, then affect the floor as a whole, resulting in floor hollowing problem.

Third, before laying the wooden floor, the ground should be cleaned

Whether it is solid wood flooring or parquet, should be paved before the ground floor to conduct a clean-up. First of all, the first on the ground of cement, sand and other clean up, and secondly, but also to clean the ground, keep clean, and finally, before paving, brushing a layer of diluted slurry to remove stains on the floor, and then Paving.Learn these small coup, before laying the floor can effectively avoid damp wood flooring, the future of the use of adversely affected. Spend a little careful every day, learn a small knowledge of wood flooring, why not do it.