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How to maintain solid wood flooring

How to maintain a good solid wood floor Paint long-term living floor, should not be covered with plastic sheeting or newspaper, a long time the film will be sticky, tarnished, and avoid hot water pot, hot rice cooker and other objects directly on the floor On the use of wood pad or mat pad, so as not to burn the film. After laying the paint floor, minimize direct sunlight, so as to avoid excessive paint exposure to ultraviolet light, premature crack and aging. Floor furniture placed on the use of rubber or other soft pad to prevent scoring floor paint.

How to maintain solid wood flooring Walking on solid wood flooring, should try to wear cloth slippers, the best barefoot. To the furniture, "feet" are affixed to the soft end of the protective pad to prevent the furniture, "foot" hardwood wood floor scratch layer, do not let heavy objects smashed wear layer. Do not use sandpaper, sander, steel brushes, strong detergents or metal tools to clean solid wood flooring. If the cats at home, to find ways to solve the destruction of cat's claws.

Solid wood flooring how to maintain Solid wood flooring pavement should be within two weeks after stay, prolonged uninhabitable or often do not live in the room should be placed in the room and several pots of water or humidifier to maintain humidity; rainy season should be strengthened ventilation. Keep indoors not to be too dry or wet.