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wood plastic composite siding exterior wall panels

Verify the quality of their own wood flooring

Assembly of the seam is too much: the mosaic floor is too easy to lead to the gap between the board, the floor and the kick is also easy from the seam. In addition to the pavement problem, this may also be caused by unacceptable floor scalability.

Whether the wooden floor height difference: wood floor itself is not sophisticated processing, paving and negligence processing, will result in pavement uneven surface, easy to hide dust, the visual is not beautiful. Floors lack of moisture content, dry conditions prone to cracking the floor.

Whether the wood floor drums: wet installation environment or the floor reserved for the expansion joints is not easy to cause the wooden floor drums, serious with the naked eye can be distinguished, the more minor by walking in the process there is a sense of suspension, whether there is Empty ring to distinguish. Paint the floor if the quality is not too hard, damp film easily foaming.