outdoor wood pool deck plank

What is the principle of heating floor?

The traditionally heated floor is buried under the floor through geothermal pipes, which is not safe or environmentally friendly. Self-heating floors do not require preheating of pipes or air under the floor. It is a carbon crystal far-infrared chip embedded in a multi-layer solid wood, the heating chip is located 4mm below the floor surface, there is a 15mm insulation layer below, the heat loss caused by the downward heat distribution is less than 2%, the heating chip is completely waterproof Insulation is 100% safe even when the floor is immersed.

The floor and the floor are connected by male and female plug wires. The male and female plug wires are also waterproof and leakproof, ensuring the safety, stability and reliability of the heating floor and construction. Each floor is a separate heating element. Parallel connections are used between the floor and the floor. Only plugs and plugs are needed for installation.