termite proof outdoor wpc veranda decking

Daily use and proper maintenance of solid wood flooring

1, after the floor is laid, should be accepted within three days, ten days stay, indoor relative humidity should be maintained at 50-60% as well. If you temporarily do not live after pavement, please be sure to keep the room ventilated, or often open the humidifier for adjustment and maintenance, otherwise it may shrink and crack due to the air is too dry. Do not cover the floor with plastic sheets, newspapers, etc.

2, keep the floor dry, clean, avoid flooding, rain, damp. If there is any stain on the floor surface, it can be wiped with a wrung cotton mop. It cannot be wiped with a damp cloth mop, caustic water, soapy water and other corrosive liquids, gasoline, flammable materials, and hot liquids.