dark hardwood timber decking

Summer wood floor protection

Water vapor is the enemy of the wooden floor, even the best water-absorbing wood can not stand the long-term contact with water, and even affect the life of the floor. Therefore, in the hot and humid summer, moisture-proof moisture must be timely.

Room humidity is too high, will lead to irregular expansion of the floor, causing the warp deformation. Although the chance of qualified floor insects is not large, but in hot and humid environment, such as wood keel, flooded areas, or prone to pests, affecting the life of the floor. When the room temperature and humidity is appropriate, the bacteria will be a large number of breeding, resulting in moldy wooden floor.

Alternating wet and dry summer weather, we often need to open windows ventilation, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. Especially in long-term vacant rooms, wooden flooring is more likely to be overwhelmed with moisture, causing arching, curling and other phenomena, requiring regular inspection and ventilation. In the over-humidity housing, you can also use charcoal, dehumidifiers, moisture-proof membrane to reduce indoor humidity. In addition, the summer mop must pay attention to water control, general cleaning as far as possible to use dry rag to complete the regular care waxing, if you have to use water to clean the mop, then have to open the windows and doors in time, so that wooden floor water stains dry as soon as possible , If necessary, air conditioning can be used to dehumidify.

If the wooden floor moldy, small area only need a soft cloth dipped in 1: 3 bleach to wipe, it should be noted that the concentration of bleach can not be too high, so as not to cause the floor fade. However, if the wood floors are partially or internally moldy, professionals need to replace the moldy wood floors with a good moisture barrier.