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Solid wood floor back factory renovation

Back to the factory refurbishment is to remove the floor and transport it back to the factory for refurbishment with large floor refurbishment machinery. Floor renovation must use environmentally friendly water-based paint to avoid odors in the room. The paint must be special paint, and its wear resistance can meet the requirements. In addition, for the shallow scratches and scratches on the floor, after the floor surface is completely cleaned, a special polisher is used to apply a polish. The uplift of the floor may be difficult to resolve through renovation.

Back to the factory after the renovation of the solid wood flooring process is more standard, so the price will be more expensive, the industry said that if you choose to return to the factory renovation, consumers can see the degree of luxury wood, if only pine, fir, Ash And so on, can be refurbished at home; if it is teak, red sandalwood and other valuable timber, it is recommended to go back to the factory renovation.