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High temperature weather wooden floor maintenance

Paved solid wood floor room must pay attention to regular ventilation, indoor air to keep dry, avoid arching arch, drum kits and other issues. If you encounter continuous rainy weather, the indoor dehumidification, so as not to swell the wooden floor. Consumers who are planning to pave wood flooring, in this season must buy some good stability of species, such as teak,Asian pear, red oak, disc beans and other materials of the floor, the stability is more secure.

Summer high UV intensity, we must avoid prolonged direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to wood floor paint will cause damage, there will be serious paint, fading and other issues. If it is not yet admitted to the new house, be sure to do a good job shelter, sun protection. When cleaning the wood floor, it is best to use a wringing cotton mop, to avoid the floor in contact with a lot of water.

In the choice of detergent, it is best to choose a dedicated floor cleaner, avoid alkaline cleaners or soapy ground wash wooden floor. When using air conditioners, it is best not to air-conditioned facing the wooden floor for a long time, so as to avoid deformation of the floor and other issues. Consumers who buy wood flooring can enjoy professional after-sales service, for any questions about the summer maintenance of the wood floor, you can consult the professional staff of the floor store.