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Floor improper care cited adverse reaction chain

Long-term empty customs house, uninhabited, poor ventilation, paint the middle layer of water evaporation after evaporation is no place to be absorbed by the moisture absorption and expansion; encounter continuous rainy weather, high relative humidity in the air, the room did not take wetting measures, the room did not take wetting measures, air Moisture expansion in the water absorbed by the wooden floor;

Do not intend to use water to wet the floor life or use alkaline water, scrub the floor with soap and water, can also cause the floor cracks;Indoor air conditioning is too open, leading to temperature difference between day and night is too large, the floor will have the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction;

Preventive measures: the selection of solid wood flooring is a very important part of the selection of the best time to go to some large stores floor, quality assurance, but also after-sale protection; selection of floor mat ground treasure, the choice of dehumidifying insulation, anti-corrosion Eaten, environmentally friendly and durable brand mats Po, do a good job in the first line of defense moisture damp floor;