durable wpc decking exterior wall board

Three-layer solid wood

The vibrant orange of Saint Daniel's Fanon's eyes shows a happy and bright mood such as bright and rich. The clear and changeful texture retains the true memory of the forest.Wandall's beeswax upholds the ancient heritage of iconostasis in Scandinavia, circulates the essence of Northern Europe's century-old wood craftsmanship, and the solid exterior contains a warm, elegant and fashionable style, just like those strong and independent appearances are still tender and tender. Nordic "woman".The three-story solid wood of the Holy Scripture is derived from the century-old European royal wood craftsmanship.

Its craftsmanship level was benchmarked against international standards from the very beginning. Using sawing and drawing techniques, the fine-grained method can not only make the most effective use of wood, but also maintain the natural texture of the wood and eliminate scarring. The 3.3-4mm natural wood surface layer not only provides an excellent carrier for more floor appearance processing technology. Release more precious natural values. UV finishes resist the most common household stains for up to 24 hours and do not yellow as time goes by like traditional paints.