balcony garden plastic composite wpc floor

This is a good way to conserve wood floors!

1. Frequently Asked Questions Maintenance: Solid wood floor tile-shaped deformation solution measures Micro-deformation: The floorboard that causes the tile change should be dismantled immediately to make the convection below the floor, shoot the moisture, and make the board surface slowly recover with the moisture evaporation; More serious: immediately remove the tile to change the floor, flat on the ventilation (not suitable for exposure, blow), and in the floor above the leveling weights and flat pressure, so that it returned to normal. When the bending degree exceeds 1%, the floor tile that is seriously damaged should be replaced.

2. The “arching” phenomenon of the floor: First remove the skirting line, and use a circular saw to cut a knife at the serious point of the arching so that it will no longer bulge due to continued expansion, and then observe for a day or two. After arching, replace the sawed floor with a new one. If the arch is severe, remove the old baseboard after removing the skirting board, and re-lay it. If the floor surface is damaged during the demolition, replace it with a new one.