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Solid wood floor stains

Concentrated water: Greases such as grease on the floor can be cleaned with a concentrated alkaline solution of boiled water. Then the dough covered with bleaching earth and hot water is covered with stains and kept for one night before cleaning, if necessary.

Salt: Eggs are left on the floor. Sprinkle some salt on the sticky spots. After 10 to 15 minutes, sweep the floor. Eggs on the floor can be easily removed. All dyes and spots should be removed before they are completely dry. Various methods for removing dyes are as follows: Fruit, milk, beer, wine, coffee, tea, juice and other beverages: Clean with water with soft detergent .

Shoe polish, oil, asphalt, scratches on soles: Clean with turpentine or woka oil. Ink, pen marks, lipstick, glue: Clean with alcohol. Just follow the above method to remove the stains on the solid wood floor to maintain the floor of our home, I believe our floor will remain a new look for a long time.