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The basic steps of renovation of the old floor

The basic steps of the old floor renovation process has been mentioned earlier, but in order to ensure satisfactory renovation results, the floor renovation, you need to pay attention to the following problems.

Floor renovation, the need to remove all the furniture inside the house, on the one hand to ensure that furniture is not stained with dust, on the other hand to facilitate the renovation of the floor. Should choose a special floor paint floor renovation needed to use paint, it is recommended to use water-based green paint, and for the floor paint. In the purchase of floor paint, pay attention to see the product's wear resistance and other parameters, check the inspection certificate to ensure excellent environmental protection.

When the number of floor paint renovation floor, the general need to brush again primer, paint twice. If the polished surface of the floor there are flaws, it is necessary to brush several times under the primer.Change the color of the floor Solid wood flooring and other natural texture, renovation can not change the color, but you can adjust the floor color. In the renovation process, you can add the required paint in the floor paint, brush on the floor. But if the floor itself is darker in color and lighter, you need to polish it a little more and brush a few more times to make the light shade darker.