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How to clean the wooden floor

1. Use a candle: When the family's candle is not used up, store it until it reaches a certain amount. You can chop the candle and go to the wick, add the turpentine oil in the wax, boil it in a pot of cold water and let it boil. Melt, then stir and pour it into a jar for cooling. Can be used to wipe wood floors, effortless and effortless.

2. Self-contained lotion: Prepare 450 grams each of soap, soda, bleaching earth, add 2270 ml of water to mix them all, and then boil. Twist half of the original volume, cool and store in a can. Use a hard brush to dip, brush the floor stains, and then brush along the floor pattern, you can quickly clean.

3. The magical effect of salad oil, milk and tea: When rubbing the wooden floor, add a few drops of salad oil to the water to make the floor brighter; add a little sour milk or vinegar to decontamination and brighten the light; Thick tea juice removes grease from wooden floors.

4. Concentrated alkaline water to grease: use boiled alkali water to clean the wooden floor, the stains on the oil marks can be well cleaned; for the bleaching earth and hot water synthesized dough for the stains, covered in stains Last night was cleaned and reusable.